Graduate Students


Mikayla Metzger (B.S., Biology Grace College; M.S., Biology IUPUI)

Mikayla headshotMikayla is a PhD student who is working on understanding kinetic properties of NapA. She works to mutate different residues surrounding the molybdenum cofactor. Her previous biological studies provide a deeper understanding of DNA and protein that can be applied to her current biochemical work. In a typical week Mikayla will do PCR, grow cell cultures, run FPLC, and perform enzyme assays. When Mikayla‘s not at school she enjoys exercising and playing video games. She also has 5 precious kitties named Nala, Tot, Soifon, Nidalee, and Kilo.

Thaddaeus Broussard

Thaddaeus is a PhD student who is working to synthesize molybdenum cofactor mimics. His bachelor’s was in biology and chemistry, and he is passionate about synthesis. In a typical week, Thaddaeus will synthesize compounds, purify them, and analyze using a variety of spectroscopic methods.